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Revealed: Referee and VAR conversations from major penalty decision during Sheffield United vs Manchester City



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The PGMOL have now provided the full transcripts between the on-field match officials and video assistant referees during Manchester City’s 1-2 win over Sheffield United.

In a first-half that saw very little to divide the two teams at Bramall Lane last month, Manchester City had been handed a golden opportunity to take the lead in the contest thanks to a handball from Sheffield United captain John Egan.

While many could not have argued against the call, the decision went in City’s way after a check from VAR and on-field approval from referee Jarred Gillett. However, fans can now be taken behind-the-scenes by the PGMOL who have released audio from the review.

As part of the discussion revealed on ‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’ broadcast on Sky Sports and TNT Sports, as well as the Premier League’s social media channels, the full transcript involving match referee Gillett and VAR Simon Hooper has been revealed, along with the voices from assistant referees and assistant video assistant referees on the day.

Full transcript as per ‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’

VAR, Simon Hooper: “Possible offside. Hands, possible hands.”

AVAR, Adam Nunn: “Is that a hand mate? Is that a hand?”

REF, Jarred Gillett: “It is for me. The left hand’s up. The left hand’s up for me.”

VAR, Hooper: “It is, yeah. It’s out, yeah. I can confirm that, I’m happy with that.”

REF, Gillett: “It’ll be check.”

VAR, Hooper: “Checked.”

VAR, Hooper: “Pen confirmed mate, just checking the APP (attacking phase of play). Pen confirmed, just checking the APP.”

REF, Gillett: “It’ll be check. It’ll be checked.”

RO, Replay Operator: “Are you happy from there?”

VAR, Hooper: “Yeah, run from there.”

AR1, Assistant Referee 1: “Jarred, I think it was a penalty confirmed, checking the APP.”

VAR, Hooper: “It’s fine, he’s onside, no issues. Check complete, check complete.”

REF, Gillett: “Cheers mate, pen.”

PGMOL Chief Refereeing Officer, Howard Webb’s verdict

Speaking to ‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’, Howard Webb indicated that he was happy with the process that took place, and the decision that was reached between the match officials allocated to Sheffield United against Manchester City last month.