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“You have to understand that” – Pep Guardiola sends another message to Manchester City fans over support



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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has sent another message to Etihad Stadium supporters over their support of the club, following on from comments in midweek.

The Catalan coach was somewhat critical of the Manchester City supporters at the Etihad Stadium during the midweek victory over RB Leipzig, to secure their place in the UEFA Champions League last-16 via top spot in the group.

There has been a similar feeling among some quarters of the fanbase, with some feeling that the standards set by the club’s away supporters are not reciprocated by some sections of the home support on some occasions this season.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Premier League meeting with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon, Pep Guardiola was quizzed on the importance of Manchester City fans remaining ‘hungry’ for more from their players.

That was a feeling that the Manchester City boss did not align with, as he responded, “No I don’t think so (that is it important). Listen, the fans, I would love them first to come. Yes, it’s a lot of effort, so thank you so much.

“Second, we want them to enjoy and have fun and have one hour and 30 minutes in a good moment. That depends on us. When we play good, always they are there! It’s just to sometimes the situation is not going well when we were waiting for (them), it’s happened.

“In that moment, it’s not because the players don’t want it because they’ve proven for how many years. The consistency that your colleague spoke about is there, and in that moment we need them. When you are part of that, you are closer when the situation is not going well. That is the moment to do it.”

Pep Guardiola did however stress the importance of getting behind the team during bad moments that could be coming for the club, alongside the need to understand that the success of recent years is ‘an exception’ for Manchester City.

“We won a lot, and in the future you have to understand that maybe, you have to understand in the mind, that this is an exception; it’s not normal to win the Treble, it’s not normal to win five Premier Leagues in six years.

“And you have to understand that, okay continue to enjoy but when the bad moments are coming in this season, or the next one, you have to be there. And I’m pretty sure they’ll be there because this is a club that came from Maine Road, and being from the middle of the table not fighting for the titles, and they were there all the time.

“I was not there, but the people talk about that to me, they were all the time there. But if it’s coming back a little bit down, come on, let’s go! What we have to do to come back there, to the top of the league and don’t be down, down for a long, long time, for many years, and this belongs of course to the hierarchy, the sporting directors, the managers, the players especially, to still be there!”

Manchester City supporters are expected to welcome the team coach in style on Sunday afternoon, ahead of their latest home Premier League showdown against Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham – who are hoping to build upon a hugely promising start to the season.