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Manchester United and Manchester City lining up for ‘improved relationships’ following recent boardroom exchanges



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Premier League rivals Manchester United and Manchester City are reportedly heading towards an ‘improvement in relationships’ following recent exchanges.

Reports of an improved relationship comes after now-former City chief Omar Berrada left his role within the Etihad Stadium and City Football Group to take up the CEO position at Manchester United following a period of gardening leave.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS investors made a heavy push for Berrada’s services during the closing stages of 2023, following on from high-profile interest from the United States sporting franchises in particular in the Moroccan chief.

It now appears as though following on from Manchester City’s professional approach to discussions with Manchester United over Omar Berrada, relations at boardroom level have significantly improved.

That is according to the information of MailSport’s Matt Hughes, who reports that United’s appointment of Berrada as CEO ‘appears set to lead to an improved relationship’ with City following ‘tensions’ under his two predecessors, Richard Arnold and Ed Woodward. 

It is explained that those within Old Trafford were ‘pleasantly surprised’ by City’s ‘co-operative approach’ over Omar Berrada before Christmas, while the Moroccan has since been ‘permitted to meet some of his new colleagues’ despite being on gardening leave by his old club. 

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is said to acknowledge the benefits of Manchester having two strong clubs with ‘good professional relationships’, according to MailSport’s reporting earlier this week.

In light of Manchester City and Manchester United’s successful exchange of Omar Berrada, Etihad head coach Pep Guardiola was asked about whether the two clubs could more openly discuss player transfers in future.

“Yeah, why not?” Guardiola responded during a recent press conference. “If one person is unhappy here, wants to go to United, have a deal for the right price, and four parties agree, why not? What is the problem?”

Carlos Tevez is the most recent first-team star to exchange between the two Manchester clubs, joining the City project in 2009, sparking widespread controversy and birthing the now-iconic ‘Welcome to Manchester’ billboard in the city centre.