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Former Manchester City captain names three countries Pep Guardiola could manage at the 2030 FIFA World Cup



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Three countries could be in the eyesight of Pep Guardiola in his desires to manage at a FIFA World Cup in future, according to former Manchester City captain Fernandinho.

The Catalan coach recently admitted during an interview with ESPN Brasil that he holds a firm intention to manage on the international stage, following almost two decades at club level and eight years in charge of Manchester City.

Speaking last month, Guardiola explained, “I would like to train a national team for a World Cup or a European Championship. I would like that. (Which country?) I don’t know who would want me! To work for a national team they have to want you, just like a club.

“I’d like to have the experience of living through a World Cup, Euro, Copa América, or whatever. I’d like that. I don’t know when that would be; five, 10, 15 years from now but I’d like to have the experience of being a manager in a World Cup.”

That admission has sparked widespread conversation within football as to where Pep Guardiola’s future could lie at the top of the international game, with a debate over which national team could suit the Catalan’s needs best.

Speaking exclusively to the Denilson Show, former Manchester City captain Fernandinho discussed at length the future of Guardiola when it comes to international management, naming three countries the Catalan tactician could target for a job in future.

“It’s hard to say Brazil starts in the lead. Very difficult to know. There’s a chance (he could coach Brazil), but I think there are other teams on par to possibly have (Pep) Guardiola as a coach in the future,” Fernandinho explained.

When questioned on whether Spain could be an option, Fernandinho continued, “No, I don’t think Spain. The Catalonia/Spain issue, you know how it is… I would believe in England, where he is, knows the players and everything, and maybe Netherlands… His father in football, who is he? (Johann Cruyff)”

“I think we have to think outside the box… Style of play, it will depend on several things. I would guess that by 2030, the 2030 cycle (for the FIFA World Cup). In other words, by 2026, he would be with a national team.”

At present, it remains uncertain as to what the future holds for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, with his current agreement at the Etihad Stadium expiring at the end of the 2024/25 campaign.

Despite some City supporters feeling concerned over Guardiola’s potential departure in the not too distant future, the possibility remains that he could yet extend his Manchester City deal further, and open up the idea of reaching a decade in charge of the Etihad club.

Either way, Manchester City bosses are unlikely to apply any pressure on their legendary coach to make a decision in the near future, and will instead allow him the space to make a decision in the comfort of his own time.