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“That’s what I will do” – Mayor Andy Burnham issues support for Manchester City after 115 Premier League charges



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Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has vowed support for Manchester City during their case against the Premier League’s 115 charges.

Manchester City were hit with over 100 charges for alleged financial breaches by the Premier League following a four-year investigation in February 2023, with alleged breaches having taken place over the course of nine years between 2009 and 2018.

The charges, which relate to financial information, profitability and sustainability, player and manager remuneration, failure to cooperate and UEFA regulations, have been strongly denied by Manchester City.

If found guilty Manchester City face the prospect of relegation from the top-flight, with a multitude of punishments available including points deductions – a punishment recently handed to both Everton and Nottingham Forest for Financial Fair Play breaches.

An independent commission is expected to hear the case towards the end of this year, with the potential for an outcome to be announced before the conclusion of the 2024/25 campaign.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, who has been a vocal critic of the handling of Everton’s recent case against the Premier League, has vowed similar support for Manchester City during questions from the Manchester Evening News ahead of upcoming elections.

“So obviously it’s not all in the public domain. But absolutely I will support Manchester City in securing fair and consistent treatment, and transparent treatment,” said Burnham.

“I think that’s the issue, that the Premier League need to reassure everybody on, that it’s going to be done in a fair way, in a consistent way.

“And as I say, we don’t know yet because there’s not much in the public domain, but obviously I will absolutely represent both Manchester clubs, both Premier League clubs, as best I can, when they need my support.

“Obviously on the basis of, you know, challenging where things have been done unfairly or wrongly, that’s what I will do.”

Manchester City have close links with the region, and are currently undertaking a major £300 million redevelopment of the Etihad Stadium.