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Erling Haaland shuts down pro-Real Madrid media reports with insight into Manchester life



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Manchester City will be buoyed by fresh comments from their superstar striker Erling Haaland in a week when reports from Spain have dominated the media in England.

A pro-Real Madrid report indicated this week that the Norway international had fallen unhappy with the climate in England, pointing towards his investment in a property in Marbella and the amount of time spent in Spain as evidence behind their presumption.

When questioned by the media on the report during his pre-match press conference on Friday afternoon, manager Pep Guardiola assured listeners that he has only seen a positive attitude from the club’s number nine on and off the pitch.

However, until now the player has not had opportunity to address his personal life and supposed unhappiness in Manchester, instead leaving time for social media to discuss the subject widely amid growing interest from Real Madrid.

Now, speaking to Manchester City’s official club podcast as relayed by MailSport’s Jack Gaughan, Erling Haaland has reaffirmed his happiness with the lifestyle and culture on offer in England, highlighting how football comes first in his profession.

“I’m a football guy,” Haaland said. “It’s easy for my family to come over from Norway, right over the sea, really close. I like the vibes, the positivity from the fans when I meet them. The banter. The English people in general.”

The 23-year-old continued, “I love to joke like them — we’re similar in Norway, we like the banter. People see us on the streets, Manchester United fans, we joke with each other. People leave me alone, to a certain degree. I like it. If I’m in the shop I can joke with people, it’s nice.”

Erling Haaland and his Manchester City teammates will be fully-focussed on the task of a Premier League away trip this week, as they travel to face Brentford in London, hoping to capitalise on Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to fellow title rivals Arsenal.

Monday night could represent Haaland’s first start for the club since sustaining a bone stress injury during a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa in December – a problem that turned out to be more serious than first presumed with the striker seeing a minor fracture in his foot.