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Developments on Manchester City’s 115 charges case to arrive NEXT WEEK, says new report



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Manchester City will see developments involving their charges by the Premier League as early as next week, a new report has revealed.

The latest segment of information concerning the highly complex case involving the reigning Premier League champions and their 115 charges comes 24 hours after Richard Masters – the Premier League’s CEO – was asked to offer an insight and update on the hearing.

Speaking to MPs on Tuesday, Masters explained, “I can (understand frustration from fans) but they are very different charges.

“If any club, the current champions or otherwise, had been found in breach of the spending rules, they would be in exactly the same position as Everton or Nottingham Forest.”

He continued, “But the volume and character of the charges laid before Manchester City, which I obviously cannot talk about at all, are being heard in a completely different environment. There is a date set for that proceeding. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when that is but it is progressing.”

Now, it appears as though long-awaited developments on Manchester City’s situation could arrive as early as next week, with a new report detailing the expectation of fresh developments concerning the charges and subsequent hearing.

As per the information of The Telegraph’s Tom Morgan, there will be ‘developments’ as early as next week on the case involving Manchester City and their Premier League charges, although precisely what remains unclear.

It is further detailed that, alongside Richard Masters’ withdrawn approach from proceedings earlier this week, neither side has been prepared to discuss any part of the case with any section of the media.

It is approaching one year since Manchester City were first hit with their Premier League charges, with the three-time successive league winners being struck with more than 100 breaches of the division’s financial rules following a four-year investigation.

Manchester City were referred to an independent commission by the Premier League over alleged rule breaches between 2009 and 2018, while relevant Etihad Stadium officials were accused of not co-operating since the investigation started in December 2018.

Briefing the media at the time of the charges’ release, Manchester City said that they were not only “surprised” by the charges themselves, but that they are also supported by a “body of irrefutable evidence”.