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Manchester City set to unveil fourth Etihad Stadium statue next week



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Premier League champions Manchester City have confirmed the official unveiling date of their next statue positioned outside of the Etihad Stadium.

The latest edition will become the fourth piece of work placed outside the home of the reigning Champions of Europe, following commissioned editions recognising the contributions of Vincent Kompany, David Silva, and Sergio Aguero.

Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak commented on the decision to now recognise legendary figures of the past, ensuring that there is a permanent piece of work dedicated to the club’s last great era.

Speaking in May 2022, Al Mubarak stated, “I think remembering Colin Bell, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee is very important. This Club has a great history. These are players that have contributed immensely to this Club.

“They’ve earned the right to be appreciated forever, eternally with statues.”

Now, Manchester City have confirmed in an official statement on Thursday morning that world-renowned sculptor David Williams-Ellis is the artist behind a permanent tribute to legendary triumvirate Colin Bell, Francis Lee, and Mike Summerbee.

The statement continued, “Williams-Ellis’s work on this commission has focused on capturing the motion and characteristics of each player and embodying the spirit of their combined 30 years representing Manchester City.”

Manchester City have also confirmed that the latest installation at the Etihad Stadium will be located on the west side of the perimeter and will be unveiled on Tuesday morning ahead of the club’s UEFA Champions League meeting with RB Leipzig.

David Williams-Ellis reacted to his appointment by telling, “It is a great honour to create a work of art for Manchester City Football Club celebrating the diverse, talented players, Bell, Lee and Summerbee.”

He continued, “It’s been an extraordinary last two years, working on this project that celebrates these players from a great era in Manchester City’s football history.

“I hope that the work will give a sense of history and place to the legions of fans and visitors that come to the football ground from around the world and become an enduring part of Manchester’s cultural landscape.”

Speaking following the conclusion of their historic Treble-winning campaign back in June of this year, Khaldoon Al Mubarak commented on the completion of the statue dedicated to Lee, Bell, and Summerbee.

He admitted, “I’ve seen the statue, I’ve been very involved – it’s something very personal for me. You have to recognise greatness and the incredible people that contributed to what we have today.

“We have a responsibility as caretakers of this great club. While the statues that built so far have recognised the modern-day Manchester City heroes, this new statue is something I think every City fan truly appreciates; the great history of this club.”

“It’s represented with Francis, Colin and Mike and having them together in a magnificent piece of art, is the least we can do for what they’ve done. Leaving that everlasting legacy – always there to remember what Manchester City has; it has an incredible history.”