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Manchester City insider reveals identity of Premier League club behind bombshell legal leak



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The club who leaked confidential information relating to a legal case between Manchester City and the Premier League has reportedly been uncovered.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Manchester City were set for a fresh legal battle with the Premier League this month, with a two-week arbitration hearing starting from Monday regarding the Premier League’s latest Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules.

The east Manchester club allege that the rules, which were introduced in December 2021, are ‘unlawful’ and as a result will ‘seek damages’ from the Premier League, with the legal case sending shockwaves throughout the footballing landscape.

APT rules were brought in by the Premier League in December 2021 following the Saudi-backed takeover of Newcastle United, aiming to prevent clubs from signing commercial deals at inflated prices, which could enable teams to spend even greater sums on player transfers.

Suggestions that a Premier League club was planning legal action against the rule first surfaced in February 2024, with Matt Lawton reporting that Manchester City are now suing the Premier League for damages alongside attempts to end the rules.

Manchester City reportedly argue that sponsors linked to club owners should be allowed to determine how much they want to pay, with a 165-page legal document having been compiled ahead of the upcoming proceedings.

The ‘unprecedented’ case has caused a split within the top-flight, with claims that three Premier League clubs are planning to side with Manchester City.

Premier League rules state that the proceedings were meant to remain confidential, and according to Manchester City insider ‘Tolmie’s Hairdoo’ on X, the Blues’ title rivals Arsenal were ‘responsible’ for leaking details of the case.

Manchester City beat the Gunners to the Premier League title last month, with Pep Guardiola’s securing a record-breaking fourth consecutive title ahead of Arsenal, following a win over West Ham at the Etihad Stadium on the final day of the campaign.

Manchester City are also set to battle with the Premier League in November, with an independent commission expected to hear the Blues’ case in relation to the 115 charges this Autumn.