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City Xtra’s 2023/24 Manchester City Player Ratings



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After 10 long months, another season has finally come to an end, with Manchester City concluded the 2023/24 campaign with three trophies and a historic feat in the process.

City started the season by winning the UEFA Super Cup over Europa League champions Sevilla back in August, before then becoming World Champions by defeating Urawa Reds and Fluminense at the FIFA Club World Cup in December.

The top-level achievements would not stop there, as Manchester City would conclude their successes by becoming the first team in the history of the English top-flight to win four league titles in a row after fending off competition from Arsenal.

After winning the treble last year, Manchester City were also attempting to defend their UEFA Champions League and FA Cup trophies. However, a penalty shoot-out loss to Real Madrid and a failed comeback against Manchester United saw the Sky Blues fail to do so.

Following yet another campaign to remember and another feather in the cap of Pep Guardiola and his remarkable ongoing project at the Etihad Stadium, here is how we rated the entire squad on their individual performances throughout the 2023/24 campaign!


Ederson – 8.5

A solid season by Ederson’s standards.

There were still the occasional mistakes from the Brazilian international, but his shot-stopping has clearly improved compared to 18 months ago, when he was beginning to look like somewhat of a liability when faced by attempts.

Ederson still deserved to be Manchester City’s number one come the end of the campaign, and we pray that ongoing transfer rumours are just a ploy from his representatives to secure him a new contract at the Etihad Stadium.

An exit for the 30-year-old in the coming summer transfer window, amid growing interest from Saudi Arabia, would have a massive impact on how Manchester City play under Pep Guardiola in the Catalan’s remaining time at the club.

Stefan Ortega – 9

There is nothing else you could have asked from a back-up keeper. Ederson has been forced to miss quite a few matches across the course of the season due to injury, however Stefan Ortega’s superior shot-stopping has more than made up for it.

The error in the FA Cup final against Manchester United is the only mark against him, in a mistake that Ederson surely would not have made given the composure of the club’s number one choice.

However, that does not nullify his contributions for the season.

Scott Carson – 10

The veteran is at Manchester City for morale and morale alone. Scott Carson’s one-year contract extension proves exactly that, as both Pep Guardiola and the wider club value what he brings to the table.


Kyle Walker: 6.5

It was an up and down year for Kyle Walker. This season, the club’s captain was asked to do more on the ball, and unsurprisingly it rarely panned out well for the now 34-year-old full-back.

Like most of the Manchester City squad, it appeared as though Walker was back to his best after the new year. However, by the end of the season, the same mistakes that plagued him at the start had returned.

The inconsistent performances and failures to track runners on the counter is becoming a real problem, and it arguably cost Manchester City the FA Cup and nearly cost the side the Premier League title as well.

I would not say he’s quite ‘finished’ yet, but there is likely only one more season of top-level quality left in him.

Rico Lewis: Incomplete

Just not enough minutes for the 19-year-old this year following on from his treble season breakthrough, and despite his commendable showings in the UEFA Champions League group stage earlier in the campaign.

Rico Lewis’ technical quality seems to be near the top of the Manchester City squad, and probably will make the switch to midfield as he gets older. However, he will need to develop more from a physical standpoint if he is to become a mainstay in the squad.

It appeared as though Lewis was poised to be a key member of the squad at the start of the year. However, he barely featured after the turn of the year other than when the squad was needing to be heavily rotated around the Real Madrid ties.

John Stones: 7.5

This grade is purely down to fitness. Rumours have come out that there was a slight bit of treble hangover from the 28-year-old, and his constant trips back to the physio back those claims up.

When fit, he’s arguably the best centre-back in the Premier League, if not the world. However, that “when” is becoming increasingly more infrequent.

Josko Gvardiol is showing signs of taking John Stones’ mantle as the ball-playing defender, and if he continues to get injured then he likely will be left behind.

Manuel Akanji: 9

Just an immense season from the Swiss defender. Has been asked to play in all four positions along the back line and step into midfield. His biggest critique is that he isn’t as good as John Stones in that role.

There are small lapses of concentration and the occasional mistake, but Manuel Akanji helped strengthen an inconsistent defensive line and was involved in a line-up that helped keep the title in Manchester.

Nathan Ake: 8

There isn’t much to be said about Nathan Ake, really. He has been a constant performer for years now, rarely putting a foot wrong and often times able to come in after not featuring for several games and still look in rhythm.

The only criticism that comes to mind is his back pass against Liverpool that led to the penalty, which is high praise to give to a Manchester City defender considering the risk that comes with the role. 

Ruben Dias: 9

There was a brief time before the new year where Ruben Dias looked a legitimate shell of his former self. The mistakes against RB Leipzig stick out the most, but it was also in his distribution as well.

Fortunately whatever issues caused that seemed to have faded away. While the Portuguese defender doesn’t look exactly the same as he has in the past, he is still the best pure defender in the squad and his presence brings a calmness to the back line that is desperately needed.

Josko Gvardiol: 9

It’s not hyperbolic to say that there may not be another defender in the world like Jsoko Gvardiol. The Croatian arrived with a heavy price tag in the summer, and while there were plenty of signs of his abilities early on, there were a view mistakes as well.

However, it’s understandable that a (then) 21-year-old who just switched leagues and is entering into maybe the most complex footballing setup in world would not immediately be the perfect player. Fast forward to the spring and Gvardiol essentially replaced Jack Grealish as the left wing outlet, and scored some of the best goals of the season. The future is incredibly bright.

Sergio Gomez – Incomplete

Seems like a nice guy, but he’s just not good enough for the squad. Hope he gets moved in the summer, for his sake.


Rodri: 9.5

Will finish this season as probably the best player in the world, but won’t get anywhere near the credit for it outside of England, or even Manchester for that matter.

Rodri is so vital to the Manchester City squad that he has to use interviews to ask for a rest because he gets so little time on the bench. While he has always had a knack for goalscoring, this season saw the squad actively looking to take advantage of that skill set.

You won’t often see defensive midfielders with 25 goal contributions.

Matheus Nunes: 6

There’s obviously still time but it does not look like Matheus Nunes is good enough for the Manchester City squad. It’s troubling to see the club whiff on two midfielders now, there’s likely a ton of shake-up that this position group will soon see and there isn’t any more room for mistakes. 

Mateo Kovacic: 8

Was a bit of a slow start for Mateo Kovacic but by the end of the season he was starting to become a regular, if not the preferred option in midfield at times.

He’s a very different profile of player than Ilkay Gundogan, offering much more in terms of carrying and progressing the ball forward, with an almost nonexistent goal threat. It took time for both the squad and Kovacic to build chemistry but Pep’s reliance on him during the run-in shows his value.

Probably only has a few more years left in him but is a solid player that should stick around. 

Kevin De Bruyne: 8.5

This is a confusing one. From a pure numbers perspective, Kevin De Bruyne returned from his hamstring injury better than ever, and very briefly it looked like that was the case. 

However, just a few weeks after his return, he looked to have lost so much of his explosiveness and physicality that took his game to another level. On paper, it’s 24 goal contributions in 26 appearances, which is undoubtedly impressive. But many of those are individual moments of brilliance and not great performances.

The Belgian will once again not have a true off-season as the European Championships start in just a few weeks, but hopefully he can return in August looking like the player he has been before. 

Bernardo Silva: 8

It was an odd end to the season for Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese midfielder has arguably been Pep Guardiola’s most trusted player during his tenure in Manchester, but he has looked off for a few weeks now.

It might be because he has finally decided to leave Manchester. It might be that he absolutely ridiculous amount of football he has played over the past several years has finally caught up to him. But he has not been quite the same player this season.


Phil Foden: 9.5

The season we have been waiting for. It took a few months for the consistency to kick in, but this is now Phil Foden’s team. The now 24-year-old has come into his own as a footballer and seemingly taken the reigns as the focal point of attack.

De Bruyne’s drop-off hasn’t felt as severe in large part due to Foden’s superb play. Foden has played so many different roles for a side that has won everything in football, and now he just needs to perfect controlling the tempo of matches to truly become the best player in the world.

A good Euro’s campaign could push him into Ballon D’or contention, probably earlier than we all expected. 

Erling Haaland: 8

A strange season for Haaland, all things considered. The Norwegian’s finishing had taken a dip during the winter period, but after returning from injury in the winter he started to look like his old self.

It was somewhat of an “off” season. But it also points to the ridiculous standards placed on him. He led both the league and squad in goals across all competitions with 38. While his 27 goals on an xG of 29 isn’t world class, but he was underperforming by far more midway through the season before turning it around. 

It’s tough to know if he had been dealing with this injury all season, or if it was something less tangible like a confidence issue. Fortunately for City fans, Norway isn’t competing this summer which means Haaland will get a long, well deserved rest before next season.

Oscar Bobb: Incomplete

It’s clear there’s a player in there, his dribbling and close control are already too good at his age to not become a solid player, at the very least. However, there just hasn’t been enough gametime yet to properly evaluate him. 

Highlight of his season was absolutely the goal against Newcastle, and you could argue that his goal was what turned the season around. Just hope he gets more minutes next season. 

Julian Alvarez: 8

Good not great season from Alvarez. His production in the first half of the season was sensational, however the squad improved once he was dropped out from his midfield roll.

His goalscoring numbers look impressive on their own, but he underperformed his xG in the league and his missed were often in critical moments. It’s just one season and to be fair to him he was played out of position for a chunk of the time, and feel as though he may want to leave soon. 

Jack Grealish: 7

Little worried for Grealish at the moment. Never was able to stay fit for too long and because of that there were only a handful of solid performances on the season. Doesn’t help that Pep appeared to rely more on Doku in the bigger matches instead.

Personally don’t believe the rumours of him getting sold just yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. My guess is he’ll get another season to prove himself.

Jeremy Doku: 8.5

To put it plainly, there simply isn’t any other player in the league like Jeremy Doku. While he appears to be somewhat of an antithesis to Pep Guardiola’s currently style of play, it’s impossible not to understand his value. 

There have been plenty of matches where the Belgian was the only viable threat in attack, where it was an FA Cup final against United, a Champions League quarterfinal against Real Madrid, or a league match against Bournemouth, his dribbling and pace was invaluable.

He still needs to improve his decision and playmaking abilities, but it’s clear that he’s a world class talent in the making.